Photoshop vs Procreate for Digital Painting

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Photoshop vs Procreate for Digital Painting

Itching to know what it’s like to switch from a Wacom tablet with Photoshop to an iPad Pro with Procreate?

I’m shaking things up in a big way today! 

In all of my tutorials and course modules so far, I’ve been teaching you using Photoshop on a Wacom tablet with a MacBook.  I’ve been dying to try out Procreate on an iPad Pro, so I can give you tips and tricks using those tools.  And today, I’m bringing you along as I get started!

In this video, I unbox my new 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and give you my first impression of the Procreate app. 

While working on the same illustration using the same process on both setups, I give you my thoughts on:

  • What it’s like to work on an iPad after years of using a Wacom tablet and MacBook.
  • What are the big differences between the 2 hardware setups
  • Comparing the feel of the Wacom pen vs the Apple pen
  • The plusses and minuses I’ve experienced using Photoshop vs Procreate 
  • The biggest difficulties I’ve seen as a professional artist working on the iPad
  • Is the Procreate app powerful enough for professional work as an illustrator?

Photoshop vs Procreate - Digital Painting - Paintable

Let’s get into it!

If you’re getting started with Procreate, rather than starting with a portrait like I did, I recommend starting with a smaller illustration like in the Ultimate Beginners Guide here

And if you’d like to set up your workspace like mine, here’s what I’m using:

I’d love to hear your first impressions of Procreate!  What did you find most difficult to get used to, and what are your favorite tips for using it?  Put it in the comments below!

I’ve also prepared a gift for you – here it is:


Free Download:

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