25 Best Gifts for Digital Artists in 2021

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25 Best Gifts for Digital Artists in 2021

One for your favorite artist… one for you…

Every year Team Paintable hand-picks their favorite 25 best gifts for digital artists.  Have a browse through the 2021 cut below, and if you think something’s missing, let us know in the comments!

Some of these items are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase them, Paintable may earn a small commission to help support our free tutorials (at no extra cost to you!).  So you’ll be doubly supporting digital artists.  🙌  Win-win!

This is the 2022 version of the pro-level digital painting software favorite, Corel Painter. Compatible with all Wacom devices and most RTS drawing tablets and styluses, use it to bring to life sellable, stunning illustrations, fantasy art, concept art, and painterly effects. 

🎁 Get it here 

If your favorite artist loves to create process videos of their masterpieces, this tripod will be a very welcome (and well-used) addition to their kit! David uses it to create his Insta reels and YouTube videos.

🎁 Get it here

This little sidekick saves a LOT of time by giving you instant access your favorite Procreate shortcuts! Designed for Mac OS/IOS, it’s an ergonomic efficiency booster that keeps your workspace clear of wires and clutter. Comes in the pink color below, and also white.

🎁 Get it here

Want to speed up your workflow, and get some repetitive motion stress relief for your hand & wrist? Tourbox is a new controller that does that by replacing shortcuts and keyboard inputs. Program the buttons to your own preferences- works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier, Affinity Photo, Canva, and other graphic design, drawing, video, and audio editing software. 

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🎁 Learn more here.

XP-Pen’s got a Holiday Edition of their super-portable Artist 13.3 Pro display tablet! With a screen size that’s comparable to your laptop, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Includes shortcuts stickers pack to optimize your workflow, free sketch downloads, battery-free stylus, pen holder, drawing glove, and other exclusive goodies.   

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Check it out here

XP-Pen’s Innovator Display tablet has a wheel that lets you zoom in/out of your canvas and adjust brush size in a flash. Create vivid, vibrant artwork with sharp details anywhere you want to go. Includes a batter-free stylus for hours of uninterrupted drawing.

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🎁 Get it here.  

For the young – and young at heart – artists, the LINE FRIENDS edition of XP-Pen’s Deco 01 V2 graphics tablet is a unique, fun, and affordable treat! Works with Mac, Windows, and Android devices, and is compatible with ibis Paint, FlipaClip, SketchBook, ArtRage, and other software. Comes with super cute LINE FRIENDS accessories including a pencil holder, bookmarks, sticky notes, and more.

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🎁 Get it here

Get your iPad to stay put and stay elevated at the just the right angle with this high-quality adjustable stand designed by and for digital artists! Easy to open and lock into one of 4 positions. No more shaking, sliding, and tipping as you’re trying to draw. Includes the gel wrist pad and pencil stand.

🎁 Get it here

Scan any object to find its color- a real life eyedropper tool to grab digital color values inspired directly by nature and your environment!  Great for artists who need to communicate color to colleagues and clients. 

🎁 Get it here.

Perfect for kids and beginning artists, this graphics tablet replaces your mouse and turns your computer into a digital drawing canvas. Compatible with PC and Mac, use it with Photoshop, Manga Studio, Clip Studio Paint, and many other softwares. 

🎁 Pick from small or medium here.

A step up from the Beginner Wacom One includes a screen display, giving you the freedom to work and paint from anywhere!  

🎁 Get it here

Love Photoshop, but hate the color picker? Us too! 

This handy Photoshop plug-in will change the way you color your digital paintings. It speeds up your workflow, letting you pick better colors, with less headache. If you often feel lost in a sea of color, Coolorus will help you narrow down and automatically pick the perfect colors to match your painting. 

Digital Painting Academy members: Check the Resources section for 40% off! 

🎁 Get it for Windows and Mac here.

If your artist craves that grippy paper feel when drawing on their iPad Air or iPad Pro, they’ll love these screen covers! They’ve got the perfect paper texture, plus they don’t cover the camera, don’t leave fingerprints, don’t change the touch sensitivity of the screen. 

🎁 Pick one up here

The most powerful drawing and painting app for your iPad. Everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. For professional and aspiring artists. 

🎁 Get it here.

This is a serious digital painting tablet from Huion for pro-level artists- think of it as an additional monitor with drawing tablet capabilities. Connect to your laptop or desktop that has an HDMI and USB port (it’s not a standalone portable-style tablet). Fully laminated screen.

🎁 Get it here

Ross Tran is one of Team Paintable’s favorite digital artists to follow. 💗 Follow his original character Nima as she travels to different elemental worlds after having her soul fractured and scattered across the universe. Beautiful artwork that will inspire any digital artist!

🎁 Pick it up here

Protect your drawing tablet in style, while keeping connectors, styluses, adapters and cables all from getting lost. This is a great case that comes in lots of different colors to pick from.

🎁 Get it here

This super-cute soft silicone sleeve for your 2nd Gen Apple Pencil will surely make your favorite artist smile!  Charging-friendly and does not interfere with double-taps. 

Price Range: $
Pick a color here.

Bring some zen and life to your favorite painting space with this set of air plant holders. Add some plant friends and some twinkly string lights, and you’ll have a gift that will bring a smile to anyone’s face every single day! 🌿

🎁 Get it here

Paintable’s Head of Student Happiness, Mariana, loves Affinity software for creating concept art and print projects, photo editing, and publishing. Works on Mac, Windows and iPad, the files can even work across different devices and OSes if you’ve got a team.

🎁 Learn more here

Let your artist create characters, scenes, and 2D animation with this simple but powerful software. 2 versions: “Debut” is for early animators, and “Pro” is for artist who want professional quality without a fussy workflow.

🎁 Get it here

Let your artist explore digital science fiction, fantasy, and anime through letters, interview, portfolio expos, and tutorials in the best digital arts magazine around!

🎁 Get an annual subscription for Kindle here

David is mesmerized by this levitating, spinning moon light, so it naturally made the list this year!  😁  Set it to glow white, yellow, or a gradient and gaze at it when you have trouble snoozing.

🎁 Get it here

An extra-large, colorful mouse pad brightens a work area and helps keep devices in place. Also make mouse movements smoother and more accurate, reducing fatigue during long work sessions!  

Price Range: $
Pick from 5 artistic patterns here.

Whether it’s for yourself or the artist in your life, this world-class library of premium masterclasses, workshops, hands-on exercises, and tools is your golden ticket to mastering the art of digital painting! The skills you learn will be yours for a lifetime.

🎁 Get this gift here.


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