Back to School Art Space Makeover

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Back to School Art Space Makeover

School is back in for the fall, my friends! 🍁

One of the most exciting perks to a new academic year is unwrapping brand-new tools to help you succeed, am I right? 🤓

Team Paintable has put together 17 must-haves that will boost your new semester.  

Not in school?  No problem- these treats will give your art space a sprinkle of personality, and get your creative juices flowing again.  Go ahead, treat yo’ self AND your artist bestie.  🎁

Here’s to a great year!

It’s More Than a Speaker…

A speaker that displays your pixel art, wakes you up in the morning, supports voice memos, AND you can play Tetris on? Who could ask for more?

🎁 Get it here.

‘Everything is content, don’t forget to film it…’

If you’re having a hard time adjusting to making reels, this overhead phone stand will be great for you. Mount it to your desk and start painting,

🎁 Get it here.

Ready, Set, Get Organized!

Do you want one of those clean, zenned out desk situations you see on Pinterest? Desk organizers like this is how they achieve that perfect home-office aesthetic. Give it a try. 

🎁 Get it here.

Sleek Vertical Stand for your Stylus

Don’t you hate it when the pencil you just put down next to your tablet rolled off the desk? This stylus stand will save your mental health.

🎁 Get it here.

Keeing a Clean Desk Made Easy

Mouse pads are out- and desk pads are IN! This stylish desk pad will not only enhance the performance of your mouse, but it will also protect your desk from spills and scratches. And it looks nice too, and when you get tired of the color, flip it over.

🎁 Get it here.

Crampy Hand? Try this 👇

If you’re used to working long hours on your tablet, but every so often an annoying cramp in your fingers forces you to stop, a pencil grip like this can come in handy.

🎁 Get it here.

Keep it Tidy with a Monitor Stand

Improve your posture by raising your monitor to eye level, and get some extra organizational space as a bonus with this monitor stand.

🎁 Get it here.

Stay Organized on the Go

Remember how different pencil cases looked before? Filled to the brim with colored pencils, markers, and erasers. Now this little guy can fit all you could need, a charger cord, earphones, an Apple pencil (or two).

🎁 Get it here.

Always Be Yourself, Unless…

…you can be an artist. Then always be an artist. Let the world know how awesome artists are with this stainless steel travel mug.  (Makes a perfect gift for your artist bestie, too.)

🎁 Get it here.

The Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed

This cord organizer is the unsung hero of home offices. Small, discreet, easy to mount everwhere and keeps your desk tidy.

🎁 Get it here.

Elegant Phone Stand for Your Desk

Whether you use it to look at your reference photo on your phone or to watch movies while painting, this elegant stand can be a perfect little addition to your desk set-up.

🎁 Get it here.

Planter Pots for a Touch of Personality

Mini planter pots perfect for succulents.  If you’re not great at keeping plants alive, put a couple of fake ones in them. We won’t tell if you don’t… 

🎁 Get it here.

David’s Neon Cactus

Have you seen David’s cactus sign in the background of some of his videos? Here’s your chance to decorate your art space with the same neon lamp David has in his office to get you in the mood for those long nights of drawing.

🎁 Get the 🌵 here or check out the store for the full collection of neon signs.

Charge Your Tablet Inside Your Bag

This bag will be perfect for those long hours you spend drawing away from home. Carry it with you and charge your iPad right from the bag.

🎁 Get it here.

The Perfect Starter Tablet

You don’t need a fancy and expensive tablet to learn digital art. Grab this perfect starter tablet from Wacom, and start drawing…

🎁 Get it here.

A Tablet for the Pros

If you’re on your way to becoming a professional artist and ready to invest in your future. Wacom Cintiq is a great option for you.

🎁 Get it here.

The Art of Digital Painting

Paintable’s Digital Painting Academy is a collection of 8 step-by-step sequential Learning Paths, put together by pro artist David Belliveau.  Inside, you’ll learn every topic needed to paint from imagination

Everything is broken down into manageable pieces, packed with exercises, and put into the right order for you. All you need to do is start at the beginning, go through the modules, exercises, and homework to see progress!

Membership includes monthly Live Q&A YouTube sessions with David, where you can submit your artwork and get his feedback and paint-overs.  Where else can you pick the brain of a pro artist Live?

Learn more.

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