Best Gifts for Digital Artists in 2023 – Artist Gift Guide

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Best Gifts for Digital Artists in 2023 – Artist Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gift giving! Fa la la la la 🎵

Surprising your loved ones, or yourself, with a thoughtful gift is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. But it can be a bit tricky to pick the perfect gift for an artist who already seems to have everything they need, right?

In this artist gift guide, we have compiled a list of gifts—some are useful, others are for plain fun. There is something for every art lover here. Happy browsing! 🎅

For the artist who forgets to take a break

Are you the kind of artist who gets lost in their creative flow and totally forgets about taking breaks? Try the Pomodoro technique with this cute mini- timer. It’s super simple to use: flip the clock to set your desired time, and boom! The timer starts off automatically. ⏰

🛒 Shop it here.

For fighting creative block

These 9 dice are your ticket to bust through any creative blocks. They push you to try new things by suggesting subjects in different mediums that you might not typically explore.

Plus, they’re color-coded, giving you the freedom to decide how wild you wanna go out of your usual creative bubble. Just roll, brainstorm & create!

🛒 Shop it here.

For someone who paints everywhere, all the time

If you’re the kind of artist who’s always painting on the move with an “all-in-one” graphics tablet like an iPad, you gotta get an iPad case that keeps your Apple Pencil snug too!

Trust me, the relief of not digging through your bag for a rogue pencil when inspiration strikes is everything!

🛒 Shop it here.

For the techie artist

Ever spotted a color combo in the wild and felt like, ‘I have to paint with this’? I know I have!
With the Nix Mini 3 you can simply scan any object and the app gives you its RGB, HEX, and CMYK values on the spot. It’s basically an IRL color picker tool in your pocket!! 
🛒 Shop it here.

For the artist who forgets to charge their devices

Let’s face it, we digital artists have multiple gadgets—constantly glued to them for painting, looking for inspiration, or posting on socials. And hey, sometimes our artist brains forget to plug ’em in until it’s too late.
But fear not! Enter the wireless charger, your new desk buddy. Just put your phone or iPad there when you’re not using it, and say goodbye to those dreaded low battery notifications for good.
🛒 Shop it here.

For someone who is always freezing

The best painting sessions are the cozy ones, am I right? 🛋

Picture this: curled up on the couch wrapped in this blanket, your favorite show humming in the background, while you paint something just for the fun of it, no pressure at all! How does that sound?

🛒 Shop it here.

For a good time with the family

Get ready to bring your love for drawing to the family table with this award-winning board game! No worries about talent here—everyone can join in. All you need is a pen and paper, but if you want to maximize the fun, grab a large pad and some markers.
This is not just your ordinary drawing game, you’ll be challenged to draw blindly or with your wrong hand so be prepared. 😀

🛒 Shop it here.

For some low-pressure creativity

Feeling the pressure to consistently create exceptional art? Try this book.

It’s designed to let you experiment with traditional mediums – have to draw or paint directly in it. And gives an easy way to spark your creativity when you’re feeling uninspired. ✨

🛒 Shop it here.

For a music-loving artist

JBL Tune 710BT Wired and Wireless Headphones

If you’re an artist who instantly gets into a painting mood when your favorite tunes play, a comfortable pair of headphones is a must-have! I recommend opting for a Bluetooth version like this one, so you can stay tangle-free in your creative zone without dealing with wires. 

🛒 Shop it here.

For the superhero fan

You know when you’re watching an animated movie and you’re like, ‘How did they even paint that?’ These ‘Art of the Movie’ books spill some of the secrets. Check out this one on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Whether you’re an MCU fan or just appreciate awesome art, this one’s a treat.

🛒 Shop it here.

For someone bursting with ideas​

You know, there’s something about sketching out your painting ideas on paper first. It lets you really brainstorm and visualize those characters or scenes you’re itching to create. And what’s even better? Doing it in a journal inspired by the starry sky! Each page features a different illustration that’s almost too gorgeous to draw on. Well, almost!

🛒 Shop it here.

For a step out of the comfort zone

Ready to venture beyond digital art next year? This 3D pen is a cool addition to your art supply stash. Get creative and watch your creations come to life in 3D!

🛒 Shop it here.

For the bookworm in you

Attention art lovers who enjoy reading! 📖
Dive into the intriguing stories behind 75 different hues and shades. Uncover surprising anecdotes related to fashion, politics, art, and war, all seen from the perspective of colors. These are the stories you never knew you needed.
🛒 Shop it here.

For a fun art exercise

We artists often believe we can spot more hues than the average person, but have you ever put that to the test? Enter the vibrant world of Hues and Clues, a game that challenges you to link hues with words and lets others guess the color you have in mind! 🤩

🛒 Shop it here.

For the quirky artist

Do you love art? Show it in your style! These Mona Lisa socks are perfect for adding a fun twist to your daily outfit. Plus, this seller’s got socks inspired by famous artists like Da Vinci, Klimt, van Gogh, and many others…

🛒 Browse the collection here.

For getting that pose right 🕺

If you could add just one more thing to your desk alongside your art gear, this posable mannequin would be my pick. Not only does it make for a fun decoration (you can even dress it up for the holiday season 🎅), but it’s incredibly handy for figure drawing—especially when paired with this cheat sheet.

This set includes four mannequins and a variety of accessories, from different hand poses to weapons, allowing you to create the exact character you imagined.

🛒Shop it here.

For the phone addict

If you’re an artist glued to your phone, you need to protect it well! These transparent phone cases not only have wonderful designs but also protect your beloved phone from scratches and drops. You can choose from 18 fabulous designs. ✨

🛒 Shop it here.

For painting in style

Who says you can’t look good while drawing? 😀 These 3 artist gloves are not only practical but bring a little color into an artist’s daily life! 

🛒 Shop the set here.

For color theory on the go

Introducing the ultimate color wheel keychain – this accessory isn’t just fun, it’s a functional color wheel too!
Take your color theory on the go, simply spin the wheel, and explore analogous, complementary, and triadic color schemes.

🛒 Shop it here.

For jazzing up your art journal

The perfect little gift for artists who love writing notes and ideas with pen and paper! This set of 104 stickers, showcasing famous paintings and sculptures, will instantly add flair to any journal page and might even inspire some painting ideas!

🛒 Shop it here.

For the warm beverage enthusiast 🍵

Picture this: as you’re drinking your morning coffee, a cute little panda pops out from your mug, greeting you with charm! These endearing 3D mugs are sure to brighten up even the dullest Mondays. Take your pick from 7 distinct designs, each promising a touch of joy to your daily routine.

🛒 Browse the collection here.

For painting your wildest ideas

Ever had a great idea in mind, but felt like your art skills weren’t quite there yet? That’s where the Digital Painting Academy comes in. ✨

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned artist, it’s got you covered. The Learning Path covers all the basics, great for both newbies and more advanced artists. Plus, for you skilled artists, there’s the Portfolio Builder Project, showing you how to turn those fantastic ideas into reality on your digital canvas.

🛒 Browse it here.

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