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Cover image by David Belliveau Creating a realistic, touchable-looking hairstyle to top off your digital portrait is absolutely within your reach! Ever spent hours trying to get the hairstyle on your digital portrait to look realistic and touchable, but not knowing how to fix it? We’ve all been there!    Learning to paint hair gets a […]

Fancy yourself an artist? Here’s the ultimate step-by-step guide to becoming a 21st Century painter! Do you want to be a digital artist, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve done a Google search before, but felt overwhelmed by all the information, or intimidated by what the authors assumed you already know. I’ve realized […]

Painting from imagination can be tough… where are you meant to put the highlights? And what about the shadows? The key is understanding how different types of light work. Luckily, there’s an 8-step “recipe” to painting light from imagination – which I cover in-depth in my program, Illustration From Imagination. And today, I wanted to give […]

They say that eyes are windows to the soul… From our hidden thoughts to our deepest emotions, eyes can tell us an awful lot about someone. If we wish to paint a truly expressive portrait, it’s vital to learn how to paint realistic eyes. Let’s jump right in! Download Your Brushes STEP 1: Sketch An […]